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Charitable online conference for interface and product designers

October 28, 2022

Say ‘hi’ to krupynka — a Lil sis of KRUPA, the leading offline conference about the design of digital products in Europe

KRUPA Conference
was to take place this May

But russia decided to ruin our plans, cities, and lives by starting a barbaric war in a technologically progressive and fast-developing European country.
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krupynka is held to support 5k Ukrainian women refugees

to raise money for Projector Foundation and provide 5k people with sufficient education to find a job & build a career
stick to the online format, as it is quite a reasonable solution for meet-ups during the wartime
to set up a conference for interface and product designers, held by top-notch experts in those fields
to make a statement: nothing can stop us from driving tech progress’ in Ukraine forward

We keep on sharing our passion for design. Developing the creative and tech industry in Ukraine and protecting its intellectual resources despite russia’s invasion.

Lectures from

Interactive lectures

Panel discussion
with Ukrainian product designers

Slava Shestopalov

Design Manager at Bolt, Public Speaker, Educator.

Alla Odeyanenko

Product Designer at Google Cloud, Mentor & Lector.

Stanislav Govorukhin

Product Designer at Djinni, Mentor & Lector.

Host of the krupynka conference

Mike Rybachuk

Creative Director and co-founder of Projector Online Institute, Product designer at Rohlik Group.

wanna join krupynka?

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Get the charity ticket and support Ukrainian refugees*

*all the money raised will be donated to Projector Creative & Tech Foundation
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October 28, 2022

11:30 — 12:00

Listen to the music and get ready

Listen to the music and get ready

12:00 — 13:10

From concept validation to usability testing

Sona Tomasyan

13:25 — 14:15

Panel discussion:
Product Design in natural

Slava Shestopalov
Alla Odeyanenko
Stanislav Govorukhin

14:15 — 15:00

Lunch time

Lunch time

15:00 — 15:50

HR Session

Petr Novotny

16:05 — 16:55

Live UI-review by Locomotive

Bastien Allard
Marie-Christine Dion

17:10 — 18:00

How to improve productivity and engagement using visual & UX design techniques in mobile apps

Soo Yun Kim

18:15 — 19:05


Ken Seagull

19:15 — 20:00

Mind the Gap: What you need for successful user journeys?

Luke Wroblewski

Projector Creative & Tech Foundation

Hepling 5k Ukrainian
refugee woman

Foundation has been found after the russian invasion to support Ukrainian women refugees. Projector Institute has developed special short educational programs providing sufficient education and skills for refugees to enter a creative or tech junior position.

All the money raised from the krupynka tickets will be donated to cover scholarships for Ukrainian women who applied to the programs.

Experience of speakers
from companies


If you want to know more about becoming a partner, please drop us a line: tania.smal@prjctr.com

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Price — 600 UAH (~15 USD)

All the money will go to Projector Foundation to help Ukrainian refugee women get education in creative and tech field.
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Our courses

web design beginning / product design / ux design beginning / mobile apps design / ux design advanced / mobile interfaces advanced / participative design / web design junior